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Customer Feedbacks.


IP200UC+Nitrate "Wanted to let you know that a recent water test using the A-3 Nitrate filter with SR-7 resin reduced the Nitrate level in our drinking water from 12.1 mg/L to less than 1 mg/L. A dramatic improvement! It is yet to be seen how efficient it will be over a years time -but if we can achieve a 300-600 gal. life span it will have proven to be a cost effective alternative to RO systems that are more expensive to maintain, not to mention the water wasted."
IP100SC "I just completed the installation of my Doulton under the sink water filter IP100SC. I am pleased to report that the installation was very easy and we are very pleased with the quality of the unit."
High flow/capacity undersink filters "I recently purchased a Regent II drinking water system and I must say that I believe your phrases of world class and second-to-none are accurate. The quality is evident all the way down to the hoses and connections supplied with the system and the faucet is top rate. I am also very impressed with the flow rate as compared to other block filters I have used. I am using the Fluoride filter and the Ultracarb Ceramic candle in the Regent II."
Installation parts Q: "We currently have an under counter system which is approximately 10 years old and looks similar to IS100UC. We were hoping to get all new installation hardware, including fittings and piping, along with a new O-ring for the housing, a mounting bracket and a Mountain Plumbing faucet. Can we do this and if so can you help us with the right parts. "

A: This filter does not have an O-ring, it's a flat gasket. Now if you give us more detailed description such as ports size, filter diameter, what type filtration element is used etc. we can help you. On the following link you cans see our installation instruction and hardware supplied with our filters. We carry wide range of water filter push-fit fittings, tubing etc.

"Thank you very much for getting the parts to us so quickly and for all your help in selecting right parts. I spoke with my plumber and he said that we will probably need the JG-T Fitting. I think we have the JG-M Fitting. Could you please arrange for same to be charged to my account and sent. Thanks again for all your help... I recommend DoultonUSA to everyone and have always had great service from your company." TOP

Water Filter Faucets

Q: "About 4 years ago, I purchased a Doulton under-the-sink water filter system. I'm very impressed with the filter system...we are often complimented on the taste of our water. Included with the purchase was a brushed nickel Euro-style faucet. The faucet has started to leak. I've looked to replace the ceramic valve, but have had no luck finding the proper part. Now, I notice on your website that the faucet, in fact, has a "lifetime drip-free warranty". I'd like to replace the ceramic valve or faucet. What is the procedure for doing that?"

A: By all means we can send you either complete faucet or just ceramic valve. Just call us toll free 1.888.664.3336.

"After a phone call and the delivery of a replacement faucet, the filter/faucet work perfectly. Thank you very much. It's a pleasure doing business with professionals and with a company that actually still cares about customer satisfaction. I really appreciate your consideration."

-The tap comes with 1/4" compression nut plastic compression sleeve for using plastic tubing supply. Should you be using soft copper supply please let us know so we can include brass compression sleeve.

-I would be grateful if you could enclose both plastic and soft copper. I will of course be happy to pay for the additional sleeve. Many thanks for your continued service.

-Brass sleeve and tube support included they don't cost us not even a pence. Your tap is shipped today via air parcel post.

-Many thanks, I appreciate the service! We don't always find that in the UK

Instant hot filtered water systems "And thanks again for your help with this. As soon as I have pictures of the install I'll send them on. Your customer service has been second to none and is much appreciated!"

LG550BRN Instant hot/cold filtered water system with Regent II water filter:

"The Little Gourmet hot water unit and custom filtration system that you put together for me arrived and is installed! It's wonderful!!! I can't thank you enough for all your help! We're SO pleased with the unit and your personalized help! I know that we'll be enjoying this for many years to come.......thanks to YOU! Take good care and thank you again for everything!" TOP


GSS3-IMP "We just received our very own, first ever, British Imperial, water filtration system and my husband came up with a suggestion that would be very helpful for future models. He suggested that you put a water level indicator on the outside casing. We overfilled our unit today and it would have been very helpful if we would have been able to see the water level in the lower portion of the unit.

Please let us know what if this is something you will consider or what you think of this suggestion.

We live in a remote area and collect rain water off of the roof. When the wind blows certain directions we have noticed a smoky taste in the water which caused us to purchase our drinking water until we received our British Imperial water filtration system.

We are enjoying our new unit" TOP


"When I visited my brother in Vieques and brought along my GSS-mini filter, he immediately fell in love with it. So, this order is his Christmas present! "

Q: "I have another quick question for you, regarding the GSS-Mini. Is there a limit to the number of times it can be used per day to process water? Asking because I know there is an inner carbon core, and that the "Pur" carbon-cartridge carafe filters that I used to use, said in their product instructions that "for best results, no more than two carafes of water should be processed per day.

Something about the carbon cartridge needing time to "recover" or some such nonsense. So I was just wondering if the GSS-Mini's SuperSterasyl cartridge has any limitation as to how often water can be run through it without reducing its effectiveness."

A: Absolute nonsense. Use it as much you want to. The carbon inside the ceramic candle is rated for 600 gallons on city water (chlorinated water) however on fresh water such lake or river water can be good for up to 15000 gallons.

Q: "My plumber is FINALLY supposed to install the under counter filter this week, probably on Wednesday. The major stumbling block (other than his schedule) has been the need to drill into the Corian countertop, something we don't have the tools or the expertise to risk doing. So I've been using the Mini-GSS pretty much continually throughout the day, for coffee and tea water, washing produce, storing drinking water in the refrigerator, etc... hence my question about whether the filter
cartridge can handle almost-continuous use without loss of effectiveness.

By the way, I do notice that some unfiltered water remains in the top section of the GSS-Mini after the rest has run through, but I usually just dump that out when I refill it for the next batch of water."

A: Yes, you will always have about 1/2 inch of water in the upper container due to the candle nozzle and gasket. It means that no unfiltered water can pass through beyond the lower end of the ceramic. TOP

Customer service

"My compliments to your staff. I received the replacement water filter and Tee yesterday. Considering I requested a replacement at 10:25 PM on a Friday night, I certainly did not expect to receive the replacement on the following Monday! Thank you very much for your prompt service. We are very impressed"

"My compliments again for a wonderfully responsive company (DoultonUSA). We love the quality of our filtered water and hope to be using this product for years to come."

"Just to let you know I just changed from other company to DoultonUSA and with the help of customer service had no problem installing system. I am very pleased with quick response when I called and again support was of great help. Thanks again and Happy New Year from a new customer."

"i must say that despite the problems i've encountered thus far, your customer service has been excellent. the truth is, when one buys a product like this, one is not paying for the bits of plastic and ceramic and salts so much as for the thoughtful product design and responsive customer service -- which seem very much above par. i intend to recommend your product to friends and acquaintances."

"Q: I am really looking forward to replacing my large space occupying, complicated servicing, reverse osmosis unit with your system. Do wish I could have found it on sale as spouse is $ sensitive!Oh well!

A: Your $ comment made me laugh on this cold and gloomy Michigan weather. If I
can offer your $ sensitive spouse free shower filter would she accept our offer?

Q: I'm glad I was able to bring a smile on an otherwise dreary and cold day.
Thank you for your offer which I graciously accept. I will use the shower filter in my defense when discussing the obvious attributes of your company and its' products with my spouse.
Many thanks for your prompt attention to my order and your thoughtful gesture"

"I'm moving into an apartment complex next week and ordered a water filter from you on saturday. It arrive TODAY! That is amazing. If more companies shipped like that I would be a much happier person. Anyways, I am very excited to be trying your products and am trying to convince my dad to get a Doulton water filter when he gets new countertops and a new sink. Thanks for the quick service"

"Greetings from Uganda! I just wanted to update you and let you know that the two Doulton candles you shipped have now arrived in Uganda! Thank you so very much for your assistance....and, for the gift of one of the candles. I really appreciate your generosity"

"To begin with I want to tell you how extraordinary your customer service is. We had not opened the box with the wrong color water filter in it yet when you called to tell us you made a mistake. The speed with which you corrected this error and the considerate way you treated us have made me a customer for life."

Customer names are not disclosed.

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